Success is Around the Corner

Success is around the corner. Are you looking for it? With each passing day, I realize more and more how close so many people are to success. I also realize how hard it is to close the gap between wanting to be successful and actually being successful. Most people know the things that they need to do to find success, but many people fail to do them consistently. Achieving success requires a lot of qualities that are difficult to practice on a regular basis. Hard work, perseverance, patience, and extreme discipline to do the right things are all required continuously to get from average to great. The reason that great accomplishments are considered great is because few people accomplish them. There aren’t any accolades given for taking a shower or making toast. Doing things that everyone can do is just a way of life. Doing things that few can do is what defines success.

To this point, I think everyone will agree that hard work, perseverance, patience, and discipline to do the right things are all required to succeed. If that is the case, why is it so hard to use these qualities continuously? People who figure out how to put these traits into play are successful. I believe it would be difficult to find someone who has found sustained success without practicing these traits. Many people struggle with these traits. It seems that people are afraid to work hard. As soon as the works gets painful, the productivity stops. Many people have trouble facing difficult situations, and their level of perseverance is very low. Patience is not a quality practiced by our generation. Everyone wants everything fast and now. Everyone wants a quick win and an easy victory. The discipline to do the right thing is lacking by many people. People tend to do what is easy instead of what is needed. While there are other factors for success, implementing these 4 key traits will put you much closer to that success that is around the corner.

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